A mark with meaning 

The logo is inspired by the heritage of Jordan from calligraphy, weaving and ceramics as well as the visuals of technology; computer chips, networks and connections. We bring these together in a roundel of Kufic Script that spells Sumaya University – the affectionate name that students use for PSUT – this means the roundel has strength on its own as well as with its bi-lingual logotype and strapline. As a strong evolution of previous logos it is essential that a sense of computer technology is still present in the visual language of the mark. Working with the natural linear form of traditional Kufic script delivers this essence of technology, while also communicating a real pride in the University’s Arabic heritage.  

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts 

The accompanying pattern assets are inspired by the concept of the student as part of a network. These beautiful textural patterns communicate the positive interwoven relationship of the individual graduates of PSUT to education, industry and the world. With a sensitivity to the long tradition of Arabic pattern making it was important for the PSUT patterns to feel modern, unique and bespoke to the project, rather than simply borrowed. 

Additionally, we created a bespoke icon suite inspired by the visual language of circuit boards and connection to aid communications across all platforms.

“I am excited to see the excellent students and staff of PSUT represented through our new identity. At PSUT our students grow proudly into their deep and diverse Jordanian identities, while appreciating their roles as global citizens, and they leave us with the skills and sense of duty to contribute greatly to their local and global communities.”  

HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan
Chair of the Board of Trustees