An identity inspired by its surroundings

We took our lead for the Garden’s identity from the stars of the garden; the flora and fauna. In response to the challenge of representing the massively diverse environment, and taking inspiration from the multi-layered Singaporean culture – the eastern craft of paper-cutting and the paintings of Rousseau (the client’s favourite artist) – we developed an intricate and organic ‘brand pattern’. The pattern conceals wildlife that can be found in the gardens, and the process of discovering them suitably reflects the wonder of the natural world that the project evokes.


A Mangosteen colour palette

It has been used extensively throughout the garden, on merchandising and online, from laser cut into back-lit signage, used as filigree patterns in shelters as well as textile designs for clothing and merchandise. After detailed research on the unique multi-national culture of Singapore a comprehensive colour palette was created with the deep purple of the Mangosteen fruit as the principal unifying tone. The themed gardens and landscaping follow this palette. The rich claret of the Supertrees and the bright red of the Dragonfly Bridge add to this overall colour composition.

Type design collaboration with Emilie Rigaud.


Thomas.Matthews’ ideas for colour, branding and identity added a rich and engaging layer to the overall design and have become a memorable feature of the Gardens.

Andrew Grant
Grant Associates