“Thomas Matthews helped us see through an intricate project with many moving parts. They were flexible and responsive to our feedback at every stage. We are pleased with how the final product brings our initial vision of the project to life.”

Chloe Bazlen
Digital Engagement Officer

Closed during covid, The Bank of England Museum wanted to increase their visibility beyond their usual audience outside of the traditional museum space. The outdoor exhibition captures the attention of people during their day-to-day lives across London and inspires them with history. The eight interventions stand at the individual locations that the paintings were originally created by the artists, showing the same landscapes that have changed across centuries. They are a doorway into an online exhibition where audiences can delve deeper to explore the paintings in more detail.

Our concept focuses on the notion of travelling through time by looking into London’s past through a modern frame. The duality of now & then and here & there is an accessible way to engage audiences with the paintings and the depths of London’s history they hold. Inspired by British designer William Kent who was an influential architect, painter and furniture designer at the time of some of the paintings, we developed a frame to create a bold, ornate and recognisable branding asset for the exhibition. The frame is used across all print and digital formats including social media for audiences to capture and share their own moments in history.

The outdoor exhibition enabled the museum to increase its awareness with all walks of London life. The interventions provided connections to other cultural institutions in London such as The Brunel Museum, provide a vehicle to host walking guided tours around the locations and increase engagement online.