Site survey and mapping

Through on-site analysis and desk based mapping exercises we defined the three main walking routes around the area to and from the main transport interchanges; Stratford Station, Stratford High Street DLR and the buses from Bow and the routes to and from Maryland overland station. These routes defined the wayfinding routes for which we designed the temporary signage.

Tying it all together

We expanded the visual identity into communications collateral to support the council with identifying changes taking place in the area. This collateral included postcards, tote bags, construction site signage, banners on buses and posters at bus stops.

The public realm enhancements for Stratford Town Centre, designed by Thomas.Matthews, have had a very positive impact on the local businesses and community spirit. TM’s research and understanding of the value of this area has directly influenced their design outcomes in a way that has created inclusive and sensitive design interventions

Gianluca Rizzo
Stratford Original Manager

Cultural Trail and Temporary Signage

As part of the work to help the council communicate the structural changes taking place in the area, we also researched and conceptualised a cultural trail to give locals ‘on-the-go’  information about the area’s history. Stratford’s industrial history is so rich, and the connection with the market going through the shopping centre is very strong, so we designed window signs for shops so that owners could hang them up and be part of the cultural trail themselves. The content for each intervention links back to the history of the area and aimed to tell locals things they did not know about the area.