Design Declares

“The most important brief of our time”

October 2022
Peter Clarkson

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At TM, our aim is to work on projects that help create positive impact within the built environment and beyond. For a long time (since we started 24 years ago!) it’s felt like we were part of a minority, but slowly over the years, it’s been encouraging to see we are not alone in this. It’s inspiring to see more and more designers, studios and companies get on board and do their part too. Every little bit helps, but there comes a point when we need to all come together and unite to take a stand and force real policy change.

This is that moment.

Design Declares is a growing group of designers, design studios, agencies, and institutions, coming together to declare a climate and ecological emergency.


As designers working within an industry that relies on production and powers global consumption, we must acknowledge that we have had a role in bringing us to where we are now, and that we have an important role in what comes next.

Because designers are makers. We make ideas real. We generate solutions. We build the world – dreaming up new futures and bringing them to life in ways that are beautiful, vital and impossible to resist. It’s not quite magic, but it feels like it.


Together with our clients, partners and colleagues across the supply chain, we are daring to reimagine the way we create every product, service, campaign and designed solution we put out into the world. This means measuring and actively reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and resource use linked to our designs.

It means introducing principles of sustainability, circularity and – ultimately – regenerative design* into our practice to recapture and repurpose resources and materials. And it means acting systematically – seeing the bigger picture and working with others to sharpen design’s incredible capacity to influence and accelerate climate repair and justice.

*Learn more about these principles in the Design Declares Tool Kit.


We all know we need to make this a reality. The information, the guidance, the inspiration and solutions are there. What design needs now is action – meaningful steps that can begin to connect what we know to what we do.


This is the most important brief of our lives. 


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TM are so proud to be involved as a founding partner of this ambitious project. If you’d like to learn more about the project then please do visit: for more information and declare now!

A huge shout out to Alexie Sommer and everyone at URGE Collective alongside fellow instigators Jo Barnard and team at MorramaAbb-d Taiyo and team at Driftime®, James Wood, Liam O’Brien and team at Studio WoodAurelie Lionet and team at Snook. Plus special thanks to Cat Drew and Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino from the Design Council for convening the conversation.

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Also, see what our founding director Sophie Thomas has to say about Design Declares in Design Week.