This document will enable and promote best practice in waste collection and helps increase reuse and recycling (something very close to TM’s heart!). We also had the pleasure to participate in this cross-trust collaboration with our sister company Useful Projects, BPP Consulting, SOENECS and ReLondon. Document for download here.

Digital Accessible Design
Within the design we worked hard to meet W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) international standards which efforts focus on improving accessibility in the Web for people with disabilities.

Following those guidelines, we carefully selected the most appropriate typography and colours to achieve our goal. A complimentary set of icons related to the content and a more playful graphic style made clear good design can still be accessible to all kind of users.

What we learned

This project was a great learning for the team, and a starting point for all of us to make sure we are implementing these standards as inherent parts of our practice. The more people who can understand our design, the greater action and in this case the better the recycling.