Re-using existing structures

In both key phases, we designed a re-skin of signage rather than a replacement. By reusing existing structures, we were able to deliver solutions that were not only cost-effective, but highly sustainable — both in materiality and manufacture. Totems offer flexibility, in their ability to adopt future changes, and longevity, in their durable material choice, able to withstand the harsh conditions of Northern Ireland’s coastline.


Taking inspiration from geology

In the latest redesign we chose a basalt texture as a backdrop for signage, to visually align with, and celebrate, the geological landscape. Colour ways also mirror the rugged environment: a moss green and stone grey. External signage solutions work on the rhomboid grid of the Visitor Centre, whilst internal solutions ensure no damage to the materiality of the building, yet create clear and hazard free navigation.

Alongside this site-specific work, we also designed a new visual identity for the Causeway Hotel in 2015. See that project here.