Creating patterns from a heartbeat

Each of the 6 floors within the hospital, from the basement to level 5, have their own aesthetic according to the theme allocated to them. Once we allocated each floor a theme, we worked out an algorithm to create a common unit of size for each natural rhythm, creating a pattern for each one. This system enables visitors and patients to visually identify where they are in the building. In this way, the wayfinding system is embedded into the building, functioning like the pulse of the human body: not always obvious but essential.


Turning our creative concept into a unique ‘umbrella’ wayfinding system

We worked closely with HOK architects to develop a sensitive colour palette and a smooth wayfinding system to help patients and visitors navigate the building. Our orientation strategy created accent points which were complemented with a detailed, directional signage system. This supports the aim of the project to create effective, integrated wayfinding that improves patient experience.