First steps

Team London Bridge have a clear, no-fuss mission statement: “to make London Bridge one of the most sustainable, culturally innovative and compelling places for business and tourism in the world.” Initially we worked closely with our sister company Useful Projects to create a template for a sizeable report that could be easily used by those who didn’t have a design background. The concept needed to be simple, minimal and above all, easy to implement and not detract from the content. With this in mind, we created a flexible visual style based around the concept of an “impactful journey” using continuous right-angled lines to communicate both the journey and the built environment, as well as a confidence through a minimalistic aesthetic. Using a light-touch approach, we applied this style to the report through devices such as quotation marks, key lines and a bespoke icon suite.

Continuing the journey

We extended the identity into a set of exhibition boards communicating key messages and concepts from the report. This was an opportunity to really push the identity to create an engaging snapshot of the content through strong use of colour and graphic forms. We created marks to go along with the assigned colours for each of the intervention types, which then extended into patterns to add an active vibrancy to the visuals, whilst clearly defining them to create an engaging, accessible design. The boards were printed on ply for longevity and re-use, but also to provide a complementary natural aesthetic.