Listening to the people we’re designing for

Collaborating with cultural brand strategist Cecilia Martin, we instigated workshops with a local group and school in Lee to hear their thoughts and ideas on defining aspects of the place. This allowed us to understand the context of the site—it’s distinct heritage, geographic connections and local attitudes. We were then able to develop a strategic intent for the scheme that was true to the place and meaningful to the community. We identified three conceptual pillars: environment; community; and wellbeing. Together the pillars form a self-sustaining neighbourhood: the vision for Lee Green. We developed the brand idea of ‘Growing Together’ to guide messaging and marketing material.


Delivering design excellence with location at the core

The name of the scheme uses the original name of the site ‘Lee Green’— celebrating its geographical positioning and long history as a local hub. We designed identity guidelines and an assets package consisting of a logo, typography, colour, pattern and a selection of templates. The brand pattern, which uses biomorphic design principles to reflect patterns found in nature—brings energy, growth and movement to the identity. The pattern also provides a flexible asset, which can be scaled and coloured appropriately to audience type and design intent: with large, bold crops representative of the creative community of Lee; and small, delicate crops for subtle and sophisticated outputs.