Applying a new identity

To help the use the new identity, we designed a set of clear and dedicated brand guidelines, to ensure consistent application. Also, from the original crest, we developed the crests of each school’s house: Brunel, Shackleton and Turner.

The new school crests and other collaterals from the identity blends the traditions of the school with a modern twist. The re-drawn leopard, which features on the stationery and is applied as super graphics in some of the school blocks, has been successfully received by the students, reinforcing a sense of belonging to Isleworth & Syon.

I am delighted with the Isleworth & Syon rebrand completed by Thomas.Matthews. The contemporary crest, modern typography and bold new colour palette provides a sharper image for the school and our communication to students, parents and the wider education community. The new school crest blends the traditions of the school with a modern twist and looks great on the students’ blazers. The re-drawn lion, which features on our stationery and which has been applied large scale in our refurbished humanities block, has been a great success with the students!

Euan Ferguson
School Headmaster