Born in Jordan, connected to the world

iPARK’s new identity is inspired by the catalytic nature of innovation. The logo combines visual metaphors for connection, creativity and the Jordanian nation. The ‘spark’ represents the first moment of an idea, the absolute beginning for innovation and development – but also, connected by the seven-pointed star of Jordan. The network represents the connectivity of support provided and the international reach of iPARK. The colour palette is purposely bold and bright providing a dynamic, energetic background using gradients to communicate the constantly evolving landscape of technology and the business potential that iPARK helps to realise.


Expertise and energy

iPARK’s area of expertise is entrepreneurship and innovation. These are delivered across four themes: Develop, Lead, Invest, Connect. We developed the themes as icons, creating a graphic asset suite that convey the aims of each theme. Icons are playful and continue the energy of the logo. The brand typeface was selected for its professional tone and contemporary feel, with the flexibility of being available in Arabic and Latin character sets, allowing seamless transitions between audiences.