We always approach our projects with our responsibility as designers at the forefront of our minds. For this exhibition we worked closely with both LTD and Qwerk production houses to minimise the waste in our design process. In a bid to use as few materials as possible, we discovered that our text panels could be made from the waste wood that was cut out for the canvas image panels. We’re happy to say this reduced the cost and the environmental impact.



The exhibition toured to a further four venues after the V&A Museum of Childhood and it was essential to create something suitable for easy transportation. The solution was inspired by game boards, creating a system where all components, such as the large format canvas frames, are lightweight and can be easily installed, packed and transported.


The team at Thomas.Matthews brought the exhibition to life. They engaged thoughtfully and creatively throughout the design process, with strong attention to detail and commitment from concept through to production and installation. The finished design is a credit to them.

Stephen Nicholls
Exhibition Manager