Your Ocean

National Maritime Museum



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The studio has designed one of the first truly sustainable galleries in London, Your Ocean is a permanent gallery on the Upper Deck of the National Maritime Museum presenting challenging issues surrounding humankind’s connection with, and impact on the ocean.

Designing the gallery was a labour of love as it was created using reclaimed, recycled and sustainable materials at a time when sustainable materials were unproven and not accredited for use in permanent gallery build. For example the façade of the gallery is clad in sheets made from crushed, recycled CDs. Materials for other areas relate to the subject matter – the backdrop of “Your Waste” is a strangely beautiful display of beach litter, divided by type of waste most often found on Britain’s beaches.

Working closely with the contractor (Scena) to build the exhibition using scrap materials from their workshop rather than buying new pushed them out of their comfort zone. Especially when we asked them to re-use materials previously used in other exhibitions. But the solution was a success and as far as we know this sustainable approach has never been tackled to this extent for a London permanent exhibition.

Your Ocean is very contemporary, and presents everyday products and objects to show that we are all connected to the oceans through our lifestyle and personal actions. By making informed choices we can make a difference to our future and the health of the oceans. The gallery features interactive areas to give visitors the opportunity to debate and share their views on the challenging and often provocative issues raised.