No Shop

Friends of the Earth UK


Campaign | Installation

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Following a request from Friend of the Earth for a poster to advertise the launch of International Buy Nothing Day in the UK, the studio re-wrote the brief in order to create a more impactful installation: ‘No’ Shop in the heart of the capital. ‘No Shop’ was a temporary installation devised to draw media attention to the need to curb our buying habits in order to stop planetary exploitation of resources and people.

The language of shopping was appropriated: shop fronts, receipts, sales coupons and shopping bags form the No Shop ‘brand’, turning consumerism on its head. Visitors to No Shop were provided with a shopping bag filled only with a receipt (totaling zero) that described the need to stop buying quantity and question our consumer habits. Shop posters were screenprinted over recycled sales billboards and were hung in an empty shop. The walls were papered with images of empty shelves and an solitary cash desk stood in the middle devoid of money.

Images of No Shop have been in many books around the world, it has a longevity of its own, even though it was only open for 4 days.