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Brand Identity | Guidelines

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Thomas.Matthews have redesigned the identity for Isleworth and Syon secondary school and sixth form for boys. Isleworth has been located in Hounslow since 1630, and is one of West London’s oldest schools.

Euan Ferguson, the school’s headmaster, has a vision to continue the exemplar education Isleworth offers and ensure it’s contemporary relevance. With this in mind Thomas.Matthews has been working to re-invent the school’s traditional identity and combine it with a new striking colour palette to create a modern expression for a classic audience.

To help the school use the new identity, the Thomas.Matthews team have designed a set of clear and dedicated brand guidelines, to ensure consistent application. The new identity has been applied to Isleworth’s recently renovated Humanities block. Here the re-drawn lion appears as a large wall graphic, combined with a bright red floor, from the new colour palette. This powerful combination helps to reinforce a sense of belonging for the students.

To update this sense of belonging across the school, the crest of each school house: Brunel, Shackleton and Turner, has been re-designed in line with the new style. Taking the format of the main school crest, each house crest has been updated to represent the activities they undertake and colour coded.

“I am delighted with the Isleworth & Syon rebrand completed by Thomas.Matthews. The contemporary crest, modern typography and bold new colour palette provides a sharper image for the school and our communication to students, parents and the wider education community. The new school crest blends the traditions of the school with a modern twist and looks great on the students’ blazers. The re-drawn lion, which features on our stationery and which has been applied large scale in our refurbished humanities block, has been a great success with the students!” – Euan Ferguson, School Headmaster.

We are currently developing an internal exhibition within the school, and are in collaboration with Useful Studio, the new architectural arm of the Useful Simple Trust, to apply the new identity to way finding across the school.

Corridor images: Jill Tate