Forgotten Spaces




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RIBA commissioned Thomas Matthews to create the graphic visual language and supporting exhibition collateral for the Forgotten Spaces exhibition 2013, working in collaboration with architects Studio Glowacka.

Now in its 3rd year, the Forgotten Spaces Competition is a positive and joyful celebration of how great ideas could bring about the reinvention of spaces that may otherwise continue to be overlooked. The exhibition features 26 of the best proposals from the hugely popular competition, inviting the general public to propose imaginative regeneration projects, and provides a thought provoking and personal tour of London’s overlooked places.

The Studio Glowacka design concept: ‘Site for ideas’ looks at how scaffolding structures are the transitional stage between an architectural idea and the realisation of a physical building. The exhibition design and graphics draw inspiration from construction site vernacular, informing the structures, colour pallet and overall look and feel. The graphic direction responded to the need for bold and functional typography in a low-lit immersive environment. The design team ensured materials used for the exhibition are of low environmental impact, and the structures themselves are created entirely from scaffolding, allowing the exhibition to be taken down and returned to the merchants at the end.

The exhibition was located within some of Somerset House’s own seemingly ‘forgotten’ spaces. From the Great Arch Lobby, through the winding Courtyard Lightwells, to the atmospheric Deadhouse, the audience discovers the exciting competition entries, 1:1 installations and intriguing models.

Exhibition structural design: Studio Glowacka