We are an award-winning graphic design agency creating work that has sustainability at its heart.

Thomas.Matthews creates imaginative and beautifully crafted work, from brands for buildings with integrated wayfinding signage, to communication strategies and their associated collateral, to stakeholder engagement activity and materials, to simple identities and brochures all with sustainability at its heart.

We have been championing good* design across print, digital and physical environments for over 15 years. By good*, we mean, *appropriate, sustainable and beautiful. When we say appropriate we mean communicating the most compelling message, through the most effective medium to the right audience, to get the best result. Sustainable, through work that has embedded systemic sustainability with environmental and social integrity. Beautiful, through an eye-catching, memorable outcome.

Our founder, Sophie Thomas, was partly responsible for putting sustainable communication design, on the map. From the early days as a designer at The Body Shop, to the acclaimed ‘No Shop’ campaign for Friends of the Earth in 1997, to her current position on the steering group to the Board of Trustees at the Design Council, she has brought a strong sense of inventive and responsible thinking to the industry.

We are a founding member of the trailblazing endeavour the Useful Simple Trust, and publish and speak widely on sustainable thinking in design.  Our book ‘Ten ways design can fight climate change’ is seen as essential reading.

We work with a range of clients from governments and global corporations to NGO’s and charities, architects, landscape designers and planners, museums and cultural spaces.

Talking about Sustainability

“Sustainability in business should give integrity, not greenwash. It should inspire change from your employees, consumers and clients.

The global challenges we are now facing demand such change. We need solutions that can inspire and galvanise populations to alter the habits of a lifetime. Creativity can be a great hook to encourage these mindshifts, which in turn bring on changes in behaviour.

For over 15 years, we have been helping translate business CSR and sustainable strategy into creative, understandable and effective outputs.”

Sophie Thomas

Founding Director


Sophie Thomas

Founding Director

I have been working in the fields of sustainable design, material process and behaviour change for over fifteen years. I founded Thomas Matthews in 1998 and am still doing creative stuff.

Leah Harrison Bailey

Creative Director

I believe in design thinking not styling and love a creative challenge. I think that as designers, we are particularly placed to solve problems in many spheres and I’m certainly happy to give it a go. I am, by experience, a multidisciplinary designer.

Alexie Sommer

Associate Consultant

Great design will always inspire and challenge the way we think, whether it be a highly-crafted object, an awe-inspiring installation or a beautiful piece of graphics. As an associate of Thomas.Matthews I work with the team to design with impact.

Peter Clarkson

Senior Designer

I’m a passionate designer with an eye for detail, typography and image making – never happier than seeing a clever idea come to life using strong conceptual and typographic skills combined with extensive production knowledge to help realise them.

Tamara Piña


You could say that I'm a designer by accident. A more-than-sure-future-librarian (who studied History of Art), I would never have expected to end up in the amazing design team of Thomas.Matthews.

Jack Bardwell

Middleweight Designer

Being the junior member of the TM team, this is my first industry role out of university. I am excited by design that aims to seek out the cause of the problem, before setting about an aesthetic solution.

Gigi Ho

Associate Designer

Born and raised in Hong Kong then educated in the UK, sometimes I feel I’m sat right in the middle of two cultures. These very different places and people have helped me become the designer I am.

Lucy Harper

Junior Designer

As the latest member to join TM I am thrilled to be joining the team and getting stuck into my role as junior designer. My 3 years of education