TM at Clerkenwell Design Week – Design for disassembly

The CDW has been a busy one for team TM.

Sophie played an integral role at the festival, instigated by speaking on a panel debate: ‘Waste not, Want not: the role of reuse and reclaim in an era of meanwhile spaces’ with David Kohn of David Kohn ArchitectsLinda Thiel of White Arkitekter Suzanne O’Connell of The Decorators and chaired by Clare Brass, Head of SustainRCA.  The afternoon was a highly engaging and educational debate about reuse as a design strategy, and how it can be applied architecturally.

Sophie and the team went on to host a series of ‘sofa talks’ in the Museum of Making, a re-usable pop-up space beautifully designed  by White Arkitekter. In partnership with Interface, these sofa talks opened up the floor to discussions around the topic of re-use and re-design; the disassembling of products we buy in order to recycle the materials within them, and essentially learn about how we can design better products.

In a talk with Ella Doran and Xenia Moseley the importance of education was discussed as something that needs to be brought to the forefront of our industry. The promotion of re-use and re-design amongst young designers is a viable way to change both how we think about the future of design as well as how we make things – thus impacting how they are recycled, taken apart and re-used.

This process is not as easy as we might think. Amid the overwhelming noise of information and stuff accessible today, Ella highlighted how ‘doing less with more focus’ is a ‘fun challenge’, and one she feels is imperative to take on as a designer.  Xenia’s design process focus is on the materials she chooses to use, and it is this choice that fascinates us at TM. Appropriate, sustainable and beautiful design is at the forefront of our thinking, and it’s great to collaborate with other designers who share the same values.

Whilst there is a gradual increase in awareness that consumers have a responsibility to think about what we are recycling; the conclusion of the ‘sofa talks’ was the resounding message that the designer holds the responsibility to design their work – be it a sofa, a chair or a book – with the un-designing process in mind. 

Watch this short film for more information: The Survivor Sofa Story is an inspirational documentary which follows a small team of designers as they wage a war against waste with design as their primary method of attack.”


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