Positively Impactful Design – a designer’s perspective

The work that we do here at Thomas Matthews comes in a variety of guises. We are multi-disciplinary to the max, giving us the rare opportunity as designers to work on a variety of projects that stimulate our different creative endeavours.

This means we can find it difficult to define what we do, because we pretty much do it all. Having said that, there is one very specific underlying essence to all of the work that flows in and out of the TM studio, one which we are extremely proud of and probably don’t talk about enough with the rest of the world. It usually gets discussed enthusiastically at lunch, or in our Monday Morning Meetings over a coffee, and it’s certainly the one that helps us get to sleep at night. We call it Positively Impactful Design.

This video about our Stratford project is a great example of what we mean. Working closely with the London Borough of Newham, and Stratford Original, our aim from the start, was to engage local people in a dialogue around their community and in the process, enhance its potential as a place. We discussed and debated about how the area could be revitalised, brightened up and inclusive to all. This video demonstrates only part of the whole project, with lots more exciting work on its way. (For more information on the rest of the project click here.)

I think it is safe to say this is one we are especially proud of, and we’ll be talking about, a lot.

Video by: Richard Canhan for Stratford Original
Photo by: Dashti
Blog piece written by: Lucy Harper

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