The Museum Of…

The Sirat Trust



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Ahead of its time – ‘The Museum of…’ was a series of five temporary museums in The Bargehouse on London’s South Bank. The Museum of Collectors, Me, Emotions, The Unknown and The River Thames questioned the role of museums and made the input of the visitors a key part of the exhibitions themselves.

The studio worked with the curation team from the inception and developed concepts that ran over the 2 years. The Museum was housed in a dilapidated old building filled with graffiti and crumbling walls. New quotations and signs wove together with the existing graphic surfaces of the building.

These included invites, advertising, signage and various installations and exhibition on subjects as diverse as the scent of love to alternative uses for the River Thames. Instructional signs went to a new level for The Museum of Emotions. (Scream Here) and  ‘Blue plaque’ signage for The Museum Of The Unknown invented potential pasts and futures for building. All the work was highly interactive in a low-tech way (lots of use of pencils and paper) that is now often replicated in museums around the world. It encouraged visitors to contribute ideas, images and objects, making the visitor to the museum the focal point of the experience.

Artistic Director: Clare Patey.