Ten Ways

Ourselves (...for a change!)

2005, re-printed in 2006

Sustainable communication design content | Book design

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As a response to continually being asked to talk and write about sustainable communication design we decided to self-publish a compact guide: ‘Ten Ways Design can fight Climate Change’ as a step-by-step and ‘by example’ reference book to explain the sustainable design process.

The book used printer’s make-ready sheets: the paper that a printer puts through their printing press while they adjust it – i.e. ‘make-it- ready’ for printing a job. They run the same sheets through again and again, then eventually recycle them. We find these pieces of ‘waste’ graphically beautiful, so we asked the printer to save a few days’ worth rather than recycle them. Our publication could then be printed on the reverse (plain) side. The french folding and dust-jacket design reveals the make-ready over-printed effect.

The book was printed locally at Calverts, an ethical print house formed as a co-op. We used vegetable-based inks – at the time most printers were still using inks heavy in solvents which end up in our waste stream.

The book showcases a selection of Thomas.Matthews’ projects, highlighting their sustainable credentials.

Printers: Calverts