Seven Dimensions of Climate Change

RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)


Identity | Illustration

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The Seven Dimensions of Climate Change is an initiative being lead by the RSA, which provides a new framework for dialogue and action around climate change. The goals of this re framing include breaking the lazy conflation of climate change and environmentalism, promoting conversations between the relative technical (science, technology, law) and relatively humanistic (behaviour, culture, democracy) aspects of the problem. The RSA aims to engage the public with the issue, by identifying with one or more dimensions of the problem, and developing a social identity for climate change.

TM were challenged to come up with a compelling visual language that communicated the core ideas underpinning the project. This included a lead image that attempts to capture how climate change is a much more diverse phenomenon than most people realise, whilst also illustrating some of the constraints and opportunities that exist across the dimensions. It was also critical that people were to feature as heavily as possible because people are at the centre of the challenge.

Illustrations: Ellen Li