V&A Reflect

Victoria & Albert Museum


Interactive | 3D Installation | Type

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This engaging installation was part of a V&A Late night, curated around the theme ‘reflect’. Thomas.Matthews were invited to create an interactive sculpture that would trigger the imagination.

The studio developed this sustainable illuminated monolith. Constructed from reclaimed coloured acrylic panels,  coated with a layer of metallic ink, and illuminated from within. Each of the panels asked the late night visitors to respond to different statements: ‘confess on conquests’, ‘reflect on romance’ and ‘deliberate on destiny’.

In response the audience wrote their comments on the surface with a pencil, which scratched the ink away and allowed the light to burst through, illuminating their writing. Participants were able to keep the pencil – which had an inspirational message printed on it that invited reflection – ‘chew on this’.