Legacy Now

London Development Association and Olympic Delivery Authority


Public Roadshows | Installation | Game | Print | Icons

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This public roadshow was designed and developed to enable the local community in the boroughs around the London 2012 site to feed in their ideas and opinions on plans for a post-Olympic Games legacy. The approach was to create informative and engaging interactive pieces that the public could participate in. These collected data that was captured and fed back to the Olympic Park master planning design team.

The central focus for the roadshow used a game that allowed the public to try their hand at master planning the Legacy site. A series of interactive pieces collected a range of ideas from the public and postcards from the future invited people to consider their aspirations for the area.

The roadshow traveled around the boroughs by bicycle power to reinforce the Games focus on sustainability. The event structures were fabricated with environmentally-friendly materials/processes, and their design prioritised reuse for subsequent consultation phases. Print items are produced on 100% post consumer recycled paper with vegetable-based inks. All elements were multilingual with the additional use of visually-impaired formats.

Developed with: Beyond Green.