Lady Waldegrave Anteroom Installation

St Mary's University


Temporary installation | Room improvements

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Located within the grounds of St Mary’s University campus, The Lady Waldegrave Wing Anteroom was in a state of poor condition with visible damp patches showing through the existing material. Working alongside our sister company Useful Studio, Thomas.Matthews were asked to propose solutions that helped breath new life into the room.

Our proposal aimed to promote and reveal the history of the space, adding light and creating an area for visitors to enjoy. As a historically important part of the University, careful thought and consideration was applied to achieve the correct solution. Appropriate material choice, installation tools and storytelling techniques were essential elements in solving this delicate issue. Each wall had different requirements, all different shapes and sizes – no off-the-shelf system would work.

We eventually arrived at a panel based system that could fit around the many objects of the room. This helped us leave existing paintings and mirrors in their original position – helping to promote the history of the room. Working closely with LTD LTD, each wall was laser measured to give us the correct panel sizes. A durable and fireproof canvas was then wrapped around the panels that featured our artwork.

Spread around the room, it featured three paragraphs of text that describe the past, present and future of the University. The pattern references the intricate and beautiful ornaments found within the architecture and also creates a visual consistency for the eye.

The temporary improvements will remain in place until the larger masterplan across the campus is implemented.

Photography: © Peter Clarkson