Eat London

LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre)


Identity | Illustration | Print

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Visual identity, communication materials and event signage for a one day public event – in which a large edible model of central London (created by food artists Alicia Rios, architect Barbara Ortiz and 14 community groups) was exhibited and consumed in Trafalgar Square.

The graphic approach embraces the idea that the chefs and participants making the model will become the architects and builders of Eat London. With this in mind it adopts a construction-inspired aesthetic – utilising bright primary colours, bold text, icons and hazard tape. This simple and iconic look is fun, but also enables the multicultural participants to understand their involvement and connect with the event.

Illustrations playfully juxtapose cooking utensils and builder’s tools e.g. whisk versus cement mixer, chef’s toque versus hard hat…

Off-the-shelf (recyclable) hazard tape is combined with reusable scaffolding to create temporary exhibition spaces. Print items are produced on 100% post consumer recycled paper with vegetable-based ink and event signage on banner stock made from PVC-free resins with no heavy metals.

An exciting mix of creatives, community groups and the public.

Visit London Gold Award for Best Celebration of Cultural Diversity.