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Constructionarium is an educational platform that provides “hands-on” construction experience for students and professionals. Their projects enable participants to construct scaled down versions of bridges, buildings, dams and civil engineering projects from all around the world. The principle is to link academic institutions with industry and to ensure that participating students are able to apply the knowledge they have gained in a practical, safe and relevant environment.

To celebrate the continued success of projects, Constructionarium commissioned Thomas.Matthews to design a commemorative item which represents the organisation’s values, as well as telling their story.

After considering the audience Thomas.Matthews developed a book design concept, that takes influence from the construction industry. Inspired by characteristic graphic elements from engineering plans, the design team developed a series of patterns to tell Constructionarium’s story. These are applied to classify, and differentiate, each section of the book.

Additionally an “engineering style” poster, documenting drawings from built projects along with interesting data about their scale, wraps around the book to double as a cover. Bright fluorescent green combined with beautiful full colour and monotone imagery, shows the connection between the original projects, and the scaled down versions constructed by the students.

The resulting book represents a graphical journey from the project’s conception 14years ago and details the various actors involved along the way. Beautifully printed by Pureprint who use environmental print technology which minimises the negative impact of the printing process. Vegetable based inks were used throughout and 99% of the dry waste associated with it’s production has been recycled. Another piece of Good* design from Thomas.Matthews.

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