British Council Pavilion

British Council


Installation | Illustration

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The studio was commissioned to design and build a demountable and re-usable temporary pavilion for British Council’s Selector music project. Its unique structure and furniture gave this temporary space a strong presence at the 2005 Glastonbury Festival and the design ensured easy re-use and transportation (it was designed to fit in the back of a small van) alongside flexible functionality.

The exo-skeleton structure design was developed by using an algorithm programme that ran different sequences connecting 3 points around a 3D circle. The final design was fabricated from locally-sourced sweet chestnut coppice. Inside included a listening bench, reception desk and private meeting area with sliding partitions.

A striking effect was created by using illumination. Graphic illustrations (speakers and flowers printed on the outside, branches and leaves printed on the inside) interacted with each other, so that at night when the tent is lit from within, the ‘speaker flowers’ appear to be growing out from the frame. The skin was printed on a non-PVC skin.

FX International Interior Design Awards: Exhibition Design.

Specialist designer/contractor
Structural engineer: Structure Workshop
Furniture designer: André Klauser