100% Design 2013

Media Ten

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Creative campaign | Show design direction | Wayfinding & Signage

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Since its launch 100% Design has been the London platform for the world’s most exciting furniture and interior design, and continues to be the design trade destination during London Design Festival. In 2012 Thomas Matthews were commissioned to create the Eco, Design and Build hub on the strength of our sustainable design experience, knowledge and network. Since then we have been working with Media 10 to develop the design strategy for the show: from creative concept to energy packed four day event.

In 2013 we devised the concept ‘Creative Balance’ as a response to the themes shifting the international design industry in it’s recovery: co-creation, crowd sourcing, service design, resource efficiency, micro vs macro manufacture…to name just a few. These ever evolving topics require the industry to flex and change, as it continues to innovate and inspire, with new design visions for the way we live. As designers for the show this requires us to be aware, not just of design trends, but the longer lasting movements and processes that are impacting the design industries.

With William Knight, and a collaborative team we are continually developing the show’s strategy to create relevant concepts that can be physically brought to life through feature design commissions. This requires us to extend our networks and imagination to re-invent the show each year, and further it’s international reach.

Design Production: Studio Design UK