Tamara Piña


You could say that I’m a designer by accident. A more-than-sure-future-librarian (who studied History of Art), I would never have expected to end up in the amazing design team of Thomas.Matthews.

Once the ‘accident’ happened, I swapped the beautiful and sunny Andalucia for bustling Barcelona, where I studied for my MA in Art Direction and Communication Strategy. I believe in ideas and concept before anything else, and in a simple but aesthetically powerful solution. Also, luckily for me, I found my obsession for detail is a defect turned virtue in this profession.

I’m a natural team player, something acquired during my years as a semi-professional basketball player. The friendly and collaborative environment of the TM team provides a great space for me to be creative. I’ve collaborated, personally and professionally, on exhibitions across Europe: Bari in Italy, Thessaloniki in Greece and Talin in Estonia were some of the more interesting destinations.

Music is a good example of my broad tastes, running from flamenco to Motown, it’s a representation of my way-of-life, where every influence is welcome. I love to gather knowledge that might come in handy in any future situation.

With more ink in my arms than on my business card, I’m never afraid to get involved in new projects or face new challenges. However the London weather is proving one challenge I struggle with daily.