Leah Harrison Bailey

Creative Director

Not your average graphic designer, I started my working life in an integrated agency in Edinburgh, came to London for love and somehow ended up in Marketing. This experience compelled me to pursue higher education and two years at the Royal College of Art helped refine my approach to design and communication and hone my intellectual skills. Since then I have run a design partnership, lectured and examined in Universities, conducted academic research and joined Thomas.Matthews.

My work shows a subtlety and sensitivity that allows each new project to create it’s own form. I start by developing a personal intuition of the needs (not just desires) of the client and refine, through research, analysis and creativity the essence of the brief. The work then builds from a clear single concept creating uniquely appropriate solutions. My work is, at the core, driven by a belief in the power of design and communication to inspire and effect change.

I believe in design thinking not styling and love a creative challenge. I think that as designers, we are particularly placed to solve problems in many spheres and I’m certainly happy to give it a go. I am, by experience, a multi-discipline designer – most recently I have worked creatively on projects requiring; Signage & wayfinding design, exhibition design, identity design, publication design, website design, retail interventions and one enormous egg.

As mother of two gorgeous kids and a very bouncy Bedlington terrier I am also, by necessity, a competent multi-tasker.