Gigi Ho

Associate Designer

Born and raised in Hong Kong then educated in the UK, sometimes I feel I’m sat right in the middle of two cultures. These very different places and people have helped me become the designer I am. My UK design education taught me strategic thinking and a conceptual approach to design, and my work experience in China taught me about simple, effective and direct communication. Working overseas has also taught me a great work ethic, how to deliver within deadlines and the dedication required on projects. I’m learning to enjoy the emphasis on work-life balance found in the UK.

After spending years studying, working and travelling in Europe, I decided to adventure to Shanghai. I spent three years working independently with various design/advertising companies and working with directly with clients. Projects ranged from branding, print and publishing, communication strategy and exhibition design. Working in China made me re-consider the role of design, it helped me see how important it is for design to make a social difference.

I also learnt how to ride a bicycle in Shanghai, although I’m still not brave enough to bike my London commute! I enjoy travelling, meeting people and exploring new places. I am inspired by the stories behind each person I meet and place I experience. These stories are part of what I love about design – using visual narrative to simply communicate complex ideas.

I started at TM with an internship in 2008 and after going around the world I’ve come back again. I find working in the TM team amazing, I love collaborating with people from different backgrounds and I feel like everyone has their own individual strength that I can learn from.

Naturally, after some intensive training in China, I speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin, which is definitely helpful for some of our clients.