Whatever kind of work you commission us for – be it internal or consumer communications, across print, digital or physical environments – you’ll see consistency in our way of thinking and doing.

Collaboration – a necessity, not just a ‘nice thing to do’

Frankly, we’re tired of the cult of the designer: the idea that some solitary design genius can figure out the answer to everything. We start with the knowledge that we don’t have all the answers, so we work with others to understand the problem, explore ideas and move together towards a solution. This collaboration includes our clients. The knowledge and experience they have is valuable. Through open dialogue and workshops, we place great importance on their input, right from the start.

We collaborate through our ever-widening network– from illustrators to print suppliers – or specialists from our family of companies within the Useful Simple Trust. Under the same roof, we have structural engineers, education and environmental consultants and sustainability strategists. We can tap into their expertise and bring new ideas and a fresh approach to any project brief.

Creativity – bringing delight to smart ideas

Creativity. A word that is thrown around so much, that for some, it has lost its meaning. By it, we mean we bring an originality of thought and process to projects that often surprise, frequently delight, but always deliver. It is not about high style, although many consider our work beautiful. It is about creating the most compelling message, through the most effective medium to the right audience, to get the best response.

To keep us on our toes, we continuously research, experiment and question. It’s in our DNA. We are known for our inquisitiveness and curiosity which manifests itself through our use of materials, wordplay and visual outcomes. This playfulness can be seen in projects ranging from hand blown glass awards with magnetic interactive elements, one-word letterpress posters for eminent designers, to illuminated scratch graffiti walls that invited personal response. What unites them all is how we include clients at every step of the way. We get these ideas out into the sunlight early, to avoid any unnecessary re-work or threat to project timescales.

Sustainability – not about ‘making-do’ but making change

Sustainable practice was at the heart of our creation in 1998. We believe that by putting sustainability at the top level of our thinking, it informs design for the better. We deliver design that has environmental and social integrity.

We thrive on inventive and responsible thinking, pushing our principles and our process, to get the best result. We make time to connect into our extensive research and resource network so as to keep up to date with new debates and technical developments in industry. We also deepen our practical understanding of sustainable application through strong connections with our suppliers that ensure sustainable credentials of materials and processes used on our clients behalf.

Backwards thinking has never been so important. We go on a journey with our clients to consider the outcomes of our design right from the start, reducing the negative impact in emissions and resource use. This allows us to avoid the roadblocks to creating authentic design that makes sense for the brief and gives environmental consideration for future generations.